CBT Practitioners’ Training Courses – What To Expect?

CBT practitioners need regular training, updates in their field and take the self-esteem questionnaire. Either through practical workshops or further readings and certifications, their continuous education requirements has to be met. Most effective of these training methods include readings and lectures, where the trainer can share his knowledge to the fellow practitioners. Other ways of more active learning include role plays where the participants are required to play out the roles of the patient and the therapist. This is highly effective because it involves active participation as well as ability to communicate better through demonstrative ways of dealing with patients. Practitioners will also be able to enact the role of patients whom they have observed and whose peculiarities have been noted by them in the course of the therapy. This method also enhances the reflective capacity of the practitioners who need to develop their interpersonal skills to become better counsellors. Through formal supervision, the trainers train the practitioners attending these courses.